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We at ST. PETER LIFE PLAN, INC. hold ourselves as DeathCare Experts who aspire to be the most trusted and reliable provider in your Pre-Need Life Plan needs. We also aim to deliver world-class DeathCare services to our planholders. At the core of our corporate values is customer satisfaction. We believe that every filipino family should have a St. Peter Life Plan. These are the pillars of our company’s customer service commitment especially in our online facility and in social media.

Our customer service charter reflects our commitment to:

  1. ● Safe and Secure Operations
  2. ● Maintenance of Customer Privacy
  3. ● Quality Services
  4. ● Transparent Product Information
  5. ● Prompt Response to Inquiries and Complaints


1. Accessible and Convenient Online Facility

1.1. One of our main commitments is to offer an accessible and convenient facility for the online business transactions of our planholders and prospective customers.

1.2. Our online facility shall feature several accessible options for purchases, payments and inquiries, benefit availment and accounts management, feedback, suggestions or complaints.

1.3. Our online facility shall provide where and how to provide feedback, suggestions and complaints.

1.4. Our Customer Service Team (CST) will be readily available to respond to the needs and concerns of planholders and prospective customers especially in our online facility.

1.5. Prospective customers will be informed about the various communication channels or options available for them to purchase products or to make inquiries in our online facility.

1.6. To help prospective customers prevent the consequences of errors in the process of completing the Life Plan application form and purchase or payment transaction in our online facility, the pertinent information from the application form shall be recapitulated in a summary and presented to purchasing or paying customers before the contract or transaction is concluded, giving them the opportunity to review, confirm and validate their answers or accomplishment of forms and information given.

1.7. We are committed to providing a 15-day free look period in our online facility.

1.8. We commit to place an effective system or procedure for offering our Planholders the option of assignment and/or transfer of their life plans in accordance with the terms and conditions of the life plan contract by digital or non-digital means, which system or procedure shall include critical protection against fraud.

2. Availability of Communication Channels for our Planholders and Prospective Customers

2.1. We commit to make the following communication channels available to our planholders and prospective customers:

  1. a. Our corporate website
  2. b. Our official social media accounts
  3. c. Our customer service hotline
  4. d. Our branch sales offices (and our sales agents)
  5. e. Our online facility

2.2. We commit to provide an updated branch office locator or directory for the convenience of our planholders and prospective customers.

2.3. We will actively seek feedback and suggestions on how we can serve our planholders and customers better.

2.4. We will conduct periodic customer satisfaction feedback surveys to keep abreast of planholders’ needs and concerns.

3. Familiarity with our planholders and customers

3.1. We want to be well acquainted with our customer profiles to enable us to know and anticipate our planholders’ customer’s needs, concerns and preferences.

3.2. We will ask for requisite information and documents to enable us to best advise and serve our planholders and their concerns. In this connection, we will remind and encourage all prospective customers and planholders to read and understand our Data Privacy Policy.

3.3. We commit to exert efforts to build the trust and reliance of our planholders and prospective customers in our company and in our ST. PETER BRAND.

3.4. We commit to be open and transparent in our dealings.

3.5. We commit to offer our prospective customers with options of suitable life plan products and services that fit their needs and preferences. We will help prospective customers find the right life plan product to suit their needs.

4. Prompt, transparent and quality service

4.1. We aim to deliver a smooth and industry-standard customer service. We are committed to provide prompt and convenient customer service to prospective customers and planholders.

4.2. We aim to achieve a target of 100% of planholders and customers being served with the expected service level.

4.3. We likewise aim to achieve a target wherein 100% of planholders and customers are issued with contracts and official business documents and forms in a timely manner.

4.4. We commit to practice the values of fairness, transparency, integrity, professionalism and timeliness in our customer service.

4.5. We will do our best to serve walk-in planholders and customers promptly and within reasonable customer waiting time as much as possible under normal circumstances unless there is an unavoidable queue or unusual/extraordinary accumulation of walk-in customers and planholders.

4.6. We will do our best to ensure that our knowledgeable and professional staff and agents are always available to serve.

4.7. Customers shall be informed of each step and documentation required in changes or other processes on life plans, account status and other details.

4.8. Planholders will be reminded and notified to update us of any changes in the covered risks of life plans especially in case of reinstatements, or changes in their status, information details and beneficiaries.

4.9. We will do our best to meet the following in our services under normal circumstances and after receipt of all required information and documents:

  1. a. For initial life plan purchases processing turnaround time (from receipt of full documentation, application, personal, information and payment), and life plan agreement issuance.
    1. a.1 For standard cases – within 5 working days
    2. a.2 If additional information is required / there are pre-existing medical conditions / complex cases – within 10 working days
  2. b. Change of life plan account details (financial); or life plan account changes in status or personal information (non-financial) - within 15 working days
  3. c. Life plan account changes (Beneficiaries):
    1. c.1 For standard cases – within 15 working days
    2. c.2 For non-Standard cases – within 25 working days
  4. d. Cancellation/surrender of life plan including processing of Termination Value/Cash Surrender Value – 10 working days upon receipt of complete documents and other necessary requirements
  5. e. Payment of return of contract price installment
    1. e.1 For standard cases – within 15 working days
    2. e.2 For non-standard cases – within 25 working days

4.10. We will follow through and provide the requisite answers / updates to customers’ queries promptly as follows:

  1. a. Provide acknowledgement response within 7 working days under normal circumstances.
  2. b. Non-complex inquiry – response within 3 working days from date of acknowledgment response.
  3. c. Where no follow up is required – Immediate resolution on first call or communication if possible.
  4. d. Where follow up is required – within 3 working days from the date of the first call or communication thru email, fax, written letter, website, social media.
  5. Acknowledgements shall include expected delivery time and any other relevant information for normal or standard cases.

4.11. We commit to establish and maintain effective controls designed to ensure that transactions are duly billed and completed, to promptly rectify any mistakes in transaction or account records, and to ensure that planholders are notified of any such corrections.

Note: The service delivery times above do not take into account the realities of common and usual delays in processing and the lack of documents, delays in submission of documents and complexity of issues or complications.

5. Fair and Transparent Complaints Process

5.1. We will ensure consistent and thorough complaints handling.

5.2. We want to achieve a target of minimal complaints, especially those complaints, the nature of which relates to lack of understanding of the product that was offered.

5.3. Our planholders shall be informed of the various options for submitting a complaint through available channels such as our customer service numbers, complaints unit contact details (telephone number and email address), online facility, website, social media, etc.

5.4. We shall provide our planholders with access to a fair, timely and effective complaints handling process and options to resolve problems and complaints and/or amicably settle complaints and which process is:

  1. a. easily accessible whether online or offline;
  2. b. available to consumers free of charge;
  3. c. acknowledged within seven (7) working days upon receipt under normal circumstances; and
  4. d. recorded and monitored.

5.5. Upon receipt of complaints, a quick verification process has to be conducted on the identity of the complainant.

5.6. We commit to communicate clearly on the issue of a complaint and gather adequate information and facts for an informed resolution.

5.7. We commit to address the complaint in an equitable, objective and timely manner by informing the complainants of the Company’s decision in 15 working days from the date of the receipt of the complaints.

5.8. If the case is complicated or requires further investigation and or deliberation, we shall inform the complainant accordingly and update progress every 15 calendar days. Thereafter, we will update after every 30 calendar days.

5.9. We commit to keep the complainant informed if we are unable to address issues within the stipulated or given timeframe.

5.10. We may offer or resort to other redress mechanisms to resolve or settle complaints.

6. Fair, Timely & Transparent Claims Settlement Process

6.1. We aim to deliver a smooth claims processing and settlement experience wherein customers are aware of procedures, steps and documentation including various options (if any).

6.2. We will try to deliver the expected service standard for claims processing within expected delivery time for each step within the claims processing stages.

6.3. We will resort to and offer various redress mechanisms for unsatisfactory claims payments.

6.4. We will ensure that 100% of legitimate claims are paid accordingly and promptly.

6.5. We will set clear delivery times for claims settlement processes and strive to settle claims within these prescribed periods and in a transparent manner. For these purposes, we will adapt the following procedures:

  1. a. Customers will be informed of the estimated time taken for claims settlement process and expected service standard.
  2. b. Customers shall be informed on the acknowledgment of their claim within 7 working days from receipt of claims application and notification.
  3. c. If documentation and/or information is incomplete, planholders shall be informed within 15 working days from acknowledgement of the claim by the Claims Department.

6.6. Planholders will be updated on the progress and/or decision on pending claims every 15 working days.

6.7. In the event of a catastrophe / disaster / fortuitous event / force majeure (e.g. large number of claims may be received) and as such, meeting the stipulated timelines may not be possible, We will strive to give updates every 20 working days on the progress of the claims.

6.8. We will inform planholders or their beneficiaries of the reason for denial of claims through a formal communication.

6.9. In case the claims settlement, or the decisions or denial of claims are disputed or are not to the satisfaction of the planholders or their beneficiaries, we are committed to provide accessible modes and options of claims dispute settlement and resolution.

7. Transparent and Accessible Product Information

7.1. We are committed to provide accessible information on our company and products, terms and conditions and costs to enable prospective customers to make informed decisions before purchasing life plan products through our online facility.

7.2. We commit to ensure that the following information about our products is available in our online facility for prospective customers before they initiate transactions, and also prior to the conclusion of transactions, specifically:

  1. a. A description of the life plan product or services;
  2. b. Summary of main features of life plan products, including the benefits and services covered;
  3. c. Terms and conditions of coverage including insurance benefits, if any;
  4. d. The gross contract price, installment modes of payment and amounts and other charges (including any applicable taxes), payment periods, including the methods of payment available to prospective customers;
  5. e. Exclusions and limitations associated with the life plan product, if any;
  6. f. Special provisions such as transferability and/or assignability of life plans;
  7. g. Cancellation policies on the transaction or application;
  8. h. Modes of communication with the planholder (e.g. thru e-mail, telephone, SMS, letter);
  9. i. Any restrictions, limitations or conditions of purchase, such as but not limited to age, parental/guardian approval requirements, length of contracts, or any geographic limitations;
  10. j. Information on the activation or effectivity of life plans purchased and notification to Planholders;
  11. k. The option to request for a copy of the Life Plan Contract, Certificate of Insurance, Certificate of Full Payment of Plan and endorsement, and other related documents in printed form, and any associated charges in the exercise of such option; l. The availability of statements of account or account status inquiry and how the planholder can change and correct such information.

7.3. The following information shall be easily accessible and made available through the various channels of communication such as our branch offices / brochures / customer service numbers / official social media accounts / official website / online facility:

  1. a. Product related details such as product features, terms and conditions, key information and exclusions.
  2. b. Fees, charges (other than installments), and surcharges (if any) as well as documentary and other legal requirements in the availment and use of our products or services.
  3. c. All the above information shall be explained and stated using simple words and in an easy to understand manner. Our sales agents and employees are properly trained and knowledgeable on products and services offered.
  4. d. We commit that our company shall not transmit marketing e-mail to prospective customers without their consent, except when our company already has an existing relationship with them. An existing relationship is not established by simply visiting, browsing or searching our website or online facility.
  5. e. We commit that any marketing e-mail or other digital message that our company sends shall prominently display a return e-mail or digital address which shall provide in plain language a simple procedure by which recipients can notify us or exercise the option that they do not wish to receive such marketing or digital messages.

8. Data Privacy and Other Compliance

8.1. We commit to comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and other applicable laws with respect to the personal information collected from Planholders or prospective customers in relation to our Online Facility.

8.2. Our Data Privacy Policy is accessible on our online facility and our website and such policy includes the following:

  1. a. The specific kinds and sources of information being collected and maintained online, the purposes for which the information is collected, how that information is being used, and to whom the information may be disclosed;
  2. b. The choices available to planholders regarding the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information, how they may exercise and change or correct these choices, and the implications of such choices;
  3. c. How planholders may review and, when necessary, correct or remove such information; and
  4. d. When the online facility uses "cookies," how and why they are used and the consequences, if any, of consumers' refusal to accept a cookie.

8.3. We undertake to maintain effective controls to protect the integrity and confidentiality of payments and other personal information which our planholders provide. Our security mechanisms shall aim to be updated and at-par with current industry standards and appropriate to the type of information collected, maintained or transferred to third parties.

8.4. We commit to comply with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to anti money laundering and counter-terrorist financing in the solicitation and sale of life plan products online, especially in KYC (Know-Your-Customer) guidelines.

8.5. We give assurance that our online facility shall only use contracts and other forms previously approved by the Insurance Commission.

8.6. We encourage and remind our planholders and prospective customers to read and refer to the contractual terms and conditions of the life plan agreement.

How to Contact Us

For questions, inquiries, clarifications, feedback, suggestions or complaints, you may contact us by sending us an email at lifeplanchapels@stpeter.com.ph or by filling out the appropriate form at our corporate website, the St. Peter Group of Companies’ official website at www.stpeter.com.ph.

You can also contact us thru the following channels:

a. You may visit us or send us a letter thru postal service or personal delivery at our corporate offices at: ST. PETER CORPORATE CENTER 999 EDSA, QUEZON CITY, 1105 (Across SM North EDSA Annex)

b. You may visit us at any of our branch offices near you. Please check our branch office directory.

c. For customer service concerns email us at: lifeplanchapels@stpeter.com.ph or call us at: (02)-8784-9270/ (02)-8784-9267/ (02)-8784-9295 / (02)-8784-9233 / (+632) 8784-9233

d. For Data Privacy concerns email us at: joycemb@stpeter.com.ph


The Insurance Commission, with offices in Manila, Cebu and Davao, is the government office in charge of the enforcement of all laws related to pre-need plans and has supervision over pre-need companies and intermediaries. It is ready at all times to assist the general public in matters related to pre-need. For any inquiries or complaints, you may approach the Public Assistance and Mediation Division (PAMD) at the Insurance Commission’s Head Office located at 1071 United Nations Avenue, Ermita Manila with telephone numbers +632 8523 8461 to 70. The official website of the Insurance Commission is www.insurance.gov.ph.